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Premier Online Service

Premier Online Service

An extensive range of services for the Dealer and the Collector

  1. Illustrated Price Guide - An extensive database of continuously updated images, descriptions, hammer and buyers prices. Do your own research.
  2. Free Valuations Service. (Direct Email Link)
    Two free valuations for each year of membership.
  3. Free Information Service. (Direct Email Link)
    Members may submit unlimited information requests.
Membership £24 per year or only £16
per year on a three year membership


Online Valuations Service

Online Valuations Service

A straightforward service to professionals and the public

Below are the simple steps to having your items valued.

  1. Upload photographs and complete our Valuation Form.
  2. Existing users login. New users register.
  3. Purchase your required number of credits and submit.
  4. You will receive a Valuation Certificate(s) and where appropriate a list of auctions in your postcode area.
One Credit
Two Credits
Three Credits


Antiques Info

Antiques Info Magazine

The industry’s leading magazine. Find out more, Online page turning version, or subscribe.

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‘Bibles’ of the trade. The TARDY: World Silver Marks. Marks on Chinese Ceramics. Gold & Silver Buyer's Handbook.  First Edition Prices.

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