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Antiques Info

Antiques Info Magazine

in 1988.

Publishes six
times a year.

“As a newcomer to the pleasure of antiques I must congratulate you on the informative nature and superb quality of Antiques Info Magazine. I have found Antiques Info by far the best introduction to the mechanics and nuances of the antiques trade. As an educative medium it is invaluable. As a guide to current market prices it is not only indispensable but genuinely worth its weight in gold. Long may you continue to flourish.”
Dr P R T, St Helens,

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Use the link on right to view an online page turning sample of Antiques Info. Actual copies of the current edition may be located through our newsagent distributors. Use a further link on the right. Enter your postcode to find your nearest stockist. Or subscribe from the link below.


Antiques Info is available on-line from our links below, from all major high street news distributors, through worldwide subscriptions and through trade copies which are available in selected Fairs, Auctions, Antiques Shops and Centres.

Latest News Section

The latest statistics and analyses. Global and UK Market Surveys. Specialist studies of individual categories such as the art market or the furniture market reports. Precious metal prices. The latest Auctions News, Fairs News and Retail News. Previews and post sale reports.

Major Features

Every edition contains up to eight major illustrated features which also track the market across all of the major categories of antiques and collecting.

Smart Search Diaries

Every edition contains up to ten weeks of regionalised, colour coded Fairs and Auctions Diaries which are cross referenced to relevant advertisers.

Price Guides

Up to a 1,000 full colour images, descriptions and hammer and buyer’s prices from the latest UK auction sales across all areas of the market including the Upper Market, the Middle Market and Lower Market examples.


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